All Saints sits on a small rise to the south west of the village. Constructed next to Hall Farm which was probably area of the “Thorpe” or settlement mentioned in the Domesday Book which also refers to a church “All Saints”. Today’s village is very much a victorian construct with estate double dwellers (semidetached) built between 1880 and 1906 with infill since.

The church is a delight as a result of a simple and unpretentious restoration 1840-1860 by the then Vicar Willaim Wallace who also built the Rectory some 200m to the east. The overall layout of the church is early English or Norman with evidence of considerable work in the 14th Centry with the south windows and I believe the addition of the tower which boast two nice bells and a substancial fireplace which now houses the safe.

Of course we have services on high days but ouer normal service whichj alternates between Communion and Morning Prayer take place on the second Sunday of each month

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