Who Has Hidden Winter!

Well here I am on 9th November looking out on a windswept Garden and a greenhouse which empties of its last tomatoes three days ago and final job for todays is to clear the last of the cucumbers!! Not to forget of course that my dahlias are still going strong! Blimey its November!!!!!

I will have to say what a gloriously colourful autumn we have had which the last few days of wind and rain have cleared away. The first to switch were some of our native trees such as the wild cherry, common spindle and dog wood followed in succession by the rest of the countryside trees and bushes. Well, why do they change colour? During the summer, leaves contain high levels of green chlorophyll. In autumn, trees prepare for a shortage of light and water in winter and live off food that was stored in the summer. Gradually chlorophyll disappears from the leaves and other chemicals take over, such as carotene – the substance that gives a carrot its colour. These colours are in the leaves all year but were hidden by green chlorophyll. In some trees such as maple, glucose is trapped in the leaves after photosynthesis stops. Sunlight and the cool nights of autumn cause the leaves to turn this glucose red.

Yup now we have had tales of doom gloom and “hardest winter for ever” prediction from the media just because one swan arrived a bit early. All I can say is they must think us all very dim. After a moments thought we realise that there had been an easterly weather for the preceding week or so which of course helped the lucky bird on its way from Siberia. Add to that we can all remember the “BBQ Summer” when the media went on and on about it a few years ago and we ended up with one of the wettest summers ever!

So what does my seaweed say (far better than the Met Office). It will get cold, we will have frosts, it may well snow a bit, it will rain (alot) and at some stage we will have to light the fire. Come March it will slowly start to warm up a little. OR  batten down the hatches, longjohns on, ice age on its way. There now, hedged all my bets, wrap up warm and enjoy!!!


About All Saints Thorpe Abbotts

Living in Thorpe Abbotts I am the Secretary to the PCC, manage the churchyard conservation area and write regularly for the Parish Magazine.
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