June’s Mardler

Ner’ caste a clout……

Well the sun is shining with wild flowers are getting into their stride all awaiting that late frost. As I think I mentioned last time the green house is full to overflowing with young plants just waiting for me to gather my nerve and get them planted out…… Mind you all the onions are in as well as the broccoli and caulis so things cannot be that bad. The allotment is looking good with a good crop of asparagus now in its third year so almost into full cropping, but that will need to wait till next year. The raspberries also looking good so will have to make sure that I get the netting out so that we do not end up merely feeding all the local blackbirds.

Lovely to see the Martins and Swallows arrive although I think what we are seeing are birds passing through on their way further north just at the moment. To my mind the real harbingers of summer proper are the Swift which are generally here late May. My Swift box is up and I am pretty sure it was at the very least well investigated last year so hopeful of a full occupancy this year. The buzzards are also around so as we think last year will be nesting in the area, keeping good company with our other much loved raptor the Barn Owl which I continue to see around the airfield.  I have just popped into the kitchen to top up the coffee cup to see a Turtle Dove hoovering up left over niger seed under the bird table!! I thought I had spotted a couple yesterday but now delighted to confirm their arrival here.

The All Saints churchyard is at the moment really between winter and summer with everything just getting into its stride. The Meadow Saxifrage is looking lovely although not quite a prolific as last year and much of the church yard is covered with the blue of Bugle. The Churchyard will have a survey done this year to confirm its wildflower population possibly during June when it is well worth a visit so if you are passing do feel free to have a wander.


About All Saints Thorpe Abbotts

Living in Thorpe Abbotts I am the Secretary to the PCC, manage the churchyard conservation area and write regularly for the Parish Magazine.
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