Winter Mardler


December’s Mardler

Well what a busy few weeks. Sunday 2nd Nov saw us gather at All Saints to welcome Millie Shepherd into the church fold. Nigel led a lovely service which was enjoyed by all family and friends. Rarely have I seen Nigel lost for words but as he was gathering his bits and pieces in the Vestry, Millie marched in demanding to know (as only a 7 year old could) How do you become a Vicar!!! Welcome indeed Millie.

The following Sunday saw us all gather in the Village Hall for Messy Church organised by Mary Alderton on a firework theme. Again Nigel left a little speechless when the indoor fireworks (which were a great hit) produced more smoke than he was anticipating!

The 9th was of course Remembrance Sunday when we gathered for a lovely service taken by Sue Auckland. Interestingly the church has two memorials one of which was originally in the Village and even more interestingly the two do not carry all the same names. The names on church and village memorials are more often those with family connections rather than necessarily  residing in the village. It is not uncommon for the same person to feature on a number of different memorials. Nevertheless this day is when we remember those who  made the ultimate sacrifice, wherever they lived.

So looking ahead by the time you will be reading this missive we will have had our annual race night and my voice will just about have recovered.

With Christmas just around the corner we are very much looking forward to our Carol Service which will be held at All Saints on Sunday 21st December at 4.00pm, come join us to celebrate in word and carol.


Little Jenny Wren

Now that the leaves are off the trees one of our smallest native birds, the wren, is much more in evidence. I always delight in seeing it bobbing around in nooks and crannies hunting out it’s food. It is the commonest UK breeding bird, although it suffers declines during prolonged, severely cold winters. Having had a warm winter last year they are currently doing very well.

In European folklore, the wren is the king of the birds, according to a fable when the eagle and the wren strove to fly the highest, the wren rested on the eagle’s back, and when the eagle tired, the wren flew out above him. Thus, it was implied, the wren proved that cleverness is better than strength.

So why is it called Jenny? No one is really sure except that it appears in the last verse of the nursery rhyme “Sing a Song for sixpence” and the maid’s nose

“There was such a commotion,

that little Jenny wren

Flew down into the garden,

and put it back again”

One of my favorite birds which is a frequent visitor to gardens and even if you do not see it you will certainly be able to hear it from deep down in the undergrowth.


About All Saints Thorpe Abbotts

Living in Thorpe Abbotts I am the Secretary to the PCC, manage the churchyard conservation area and write regularly for the Parish Magazine.
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