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Church News.

Easter passed in a flurry of activity. We had two Devotional services and of course a lovely Easter Service with Gerald Epps and Lynda Mansfield. Just to add to the Easter cheer Mary Alderton and the PCC put on a Messy Church in the Village Hall on Easter Saturday which gave both children and parents a chance to get a bit messy and catch up with village friends.

We were also very lucky to have one of the larger Gardens in the Village open for members of local gardening clubs. Again Mary and Gary were at the fore guiding groups whilst Linda Halifax masterminded tea in the Village Hall which gave all a chance to warm up on what was a cold but quite bright day.

The Church Yard is ablaze with spring flowers of all types and the Village team are about to spring into action with the mower as the grass takes off for the year. May will see a continuation of growth with a very well developed wildflower population throughout the church yard. May is probably the best time to visit with much of interest to see.


This next bit is not church news and generally is put somewhere else


Spring is Sprung.

Everyone has their personal indicator of spring. For some its February when the snowdrops are at their best, others a little later as we are dazzled by daffodils, or later still, if you are like me when you can potter on the veg patch in shirtsleeves. In reality I suppose it is about the arrival of our summer visitors, the Cuckoo often heard early/mid April followed by Swallows which are arriving as I write, then the House Martins and finally the Swifts and Turtle doves in mid to late May.

So spring really does spring, starting slowing and with care as the weather comes and goes settling into a rhythm as the temperatures slowly rise to a crescendo of colourful wildness in May and June.

As I write the green house is well filled with pots various at varying stages of infancy. Over wintered items are busting to get outside but for their own good need to stay in especially as I look at the forecast for the May Bank holiday and the predicted frosts.

I am enjoying getting out to enjoy the countryside at it’s very best just now.



About All Saints Thorpe Abbotts

Living in Thorpe Abbotts I am the Secretary to the PCC, manage the churchyard conservation area and write regularly for the Parish Magazine.
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