July is here with the sun

More often than not ones view of the countryside is out of the car window. All I can say is that you have no idea what you are missing.
The other day I was out and about, the larks were singing and high in the sky and unusually the sun was shining with a light breeze, perfect. The purpose of my wandering was to see what wildflowers where making a late appearance. Well the bee and pyramidal orchids are just through, the briar roses coming into full bloom with the oxeye daisies and harebells a real treat. Lurking here and there were both Field and Small Scabious in amongst the hedge and ladies bedstraw, with close to the ground the purple of selfseal.
I am sure you have guessed were I was. Yup, All Saints Churchyard. It has now been under management for its wildflowers for about 7 years and each year something different appears or indeed disappears, this year newcomers being hedge bedstraw and last year the pyramidal orchids and the small scabious. With the Parish Councils generous support we are able to get a contractor in during August to cut and clear the wildflower areas which is probably about 60% of the churchyard whilst I run amock with my scythe slightly earlier in the summer. The high profile areas cut every two weeks or so by a team from the PCC with the trusty church mower.
The end result especially during the wildflower season is a lovely combination of lawn and wildflower. Well worth a visit especially at weekend when we leave the church open for visitors.

About All Saints Thorpe Abbotts

Living in Thorpe Abbotts I am the Secretary to the PCC, manage the churchyard conservation area and write regularly for the Parish Magazine.
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