March News

Owls Galore
Fresh from a couple of hours digging on the allotment I have found a reminder from Kathy along the lines of “the deadline was yesterday”. I promised, so here goes.
We are all looking forward to Spring which its seem is reluctant to appear which is not unusual. I do recall a few years ago that Easter Sunday was bitterly cold and snowing. Gardeners beware, the frost and cold are not over yet although the Gardening Centres will have you think otherwise as they tempt us with (frost sensitive) bedding plants. Ner caste a clout til May be out.
As many of you will know I have a thing about Barn Owls and always take great delight in watching them quartering the fields hereabouts. Well….. On my way to the greenhouse I came around the corner by the shed to see an owl sat on a stump not 15 feet into the field. It was looking away when I appeared so it was just a case of staying very still. After a couple of minutes what should appear over the hedge but its mate, slightly larger and darker so possibly the female, quartered around the field and came and shared the stump. After a short conversation and head bobbing she flew off. The conversation probably went thus, “Now then dear I want you to get a couple of voles some shrews and a mouse or two would be nice, and then please will you clean up your bit of the nest!!” Now is a good time to see these birds as prey is difficult to find they can often be seen early morning or late afternoon, the only one of our owls that can regularly be seen hunting in daylight. I count myself very fortunate to have had such a close and unique encounter. I will doubtless bore you with future encounters, but I will struggle to better this one!
As the weather gets colder over the weekend and I can hear the rain pelting down, its quite difficult to think of those barmy summer days we fondly remember from 2011. I have no doubt that this year they will again be a regular feature of our summer. Even as I write the regular early daffodil is out at the front of All Saints, snowdrops are out in force and the primroses, such a delight in our local lanes are doing their bit. Proper Spring may be a while yet but that are many early signs to be seen and enjoyed.

Church News

The end of January saw us holding our Annual Church Quiz in the Village Hall, we were delighted with a full house including some new friends we were able to welcome from the enlarged benefice. The evening was great fun with the quizsetter getting all the questions right apart from 007 Bond round, but to paraphrase Eric Morecambe, they were all right, just not in the right order! Fred McDonald as always proved that we can fact multitask by running a very successful bar and being a key member of the PCCs quiz team. The Ladies as always put on excellent food which was enjoyed by all, finally not to forget of course our quizmaster of the evening Nigel who happily got most of the answers right . So all in all an excellent evening which made just off £400 for church funds. Thank you so much, all of those who shared such a fun evening with us.

We had the Deanery Synod meeting last Thursday where it was lovely to meet our new Curate, Karen Rayner and we very much look forward to seeing her at All Saints when she will be taking one of our Devotional Services during Holy Week. The Synod was also notable as Nigel had to sing for his supper which he did very well.

Easter will soon be with us and I will let you all know what we will be doing over this important time in th Church calendar.

We will be having our Annual Meeting in the Thorpe Abbotts Village Hall on 17th April starting at 7.00pm, all very welcome. Come and find out what happened in 2012 and a look forward to 2013


About All Saints Thorpe Abbotts

Living in Thorpe Abbotts I am the Secretary to the PCC, manage the churchyard conservation area and write regularly for the Parish Magazine.
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