The August Edition of the Mardler


Around and About

Well what a fantastic summer, so far if a little dry for some, which meant that breaking ground on the allotment was via a pick axe!!!!

The lack of rain has meant that the wild flowers have not been at their most prolific but the rain early part of June has brought on the mid summer players like the field poppies. It would seem though that we will be having an amazing crop of blackberries this year as all the bushes are seriously covered in bloom.

This time of year is one of my favourites with the swifts in residence. They pair for life, meeting up each spring at the same nest site, which are located high up in the roof space under the eaves of old houses where the birds are able to drop into the air from the nest entrance. The nest is built by both adults out of any material that can be gathered on the wing, including feathers, paper, straw, hay and seeds. It is cemented together with saliva and renovated and reused year after year.

Young birds looking for a nest site will fly past prospective sites brushing or ‘banging’ the entrance with their wings. Resident birds respond by coming to the entrance and screaming. This continues throughout the breeding season. Swifts often fight over nest sites, grappling with their feet until the intruder is ejected. Swifts only mature at about 4 years old and it is often the juveniles you will see chasing each other in screaming mobs around the village and practicing landings on prospective nest sites. Swifts will be putting on free displays for all to see until they go home in August

During the winter I will do a bit on how to make your own nest boxes to help this bird which generally is in decline. 

Thorpe Abbotts Church News.

We have though just had our Archdeacon’s visitation which gave us the opportunity to check that all our paperwork was in order…..which it was of course. This coming Sunday will see him preach at the Benefice Service an All Saints so I am sure we will have a good turnout.

The Churchyard is beginning to recover from a dry and arid spring and early summer with no shows from our bee orchids which I understand have taken a holiday to Brockdish appearing in numbers in someone’s lawn…..such fickle plants. Mind you they have a habit of appearing and disappearing so I am sure they will return to the churchyard refreshed from their trip down the road. Popping up the other day I spotted our small population of Harebells in bloom and they will continue well into the autumn.

About All Saints Thorpe Abbotts

Living in Thorpe Abbotts I am the Secretary to the PCC, manage the churchyard conservation area and write regularly for the Parish Magazine.
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